As human beings we associate with objects and images in an emotional way. We attach symbolism to these objects. The artist is compelled to conjure up these images and manifest them in a physical way to share with the world and for self-realization.

I strive to conjure up the images and designs of the art deco movement of the nineteen thirties. It's simple lines connote a world of order, calm and harmony. I also love the fabric and textile designs and motifs of the nineteen fifties post-war modernism.Both of the above were reactions to a world that was becoming more and more industrialized.

My medium and canvas is bisque pottery which gives me free range to put my energy into my images instead of forming the clay myself. Although my work, I hope would never be considered "cutesy", it could definitely be in the category of "decorative".

If a person wanted to re- create the ambiance of another era, they may be interested in pieces of art that lend this ambiance to the home environment. I consider myself an artisan in the sense that my art can be used and merge into everyday life.

I will be adding more pieces to my 50's designs inspired by the textiles of Henry Moore and other artists of that period. One of them will be "Dandelion Clocks" which appeared on wallpaper and fabrics. My other big passion is the prehistoric paintings on cave walls of France and Spain. I paint various scenes of these animals and humans onto my pottery.

I continue to paint pottery in the three main themes that inspire me; the 1950's "atomic" styles, he 1930's art deco styles, and the upper Paleolithic prehistoric wallbpaintings of France and Spain. Some typical motifs of the 50's are the dandelion clocks, the abstract boomerang design, and .other "space age" designs. 1930's designs are often characterized by stylized flowers and poster-like simplicity. The prehistoric animal paintings are exciting to me because they bring us close to the dawn of humanity.


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